"Biting Back takes a compelling look at self-care, setting boundaries, and protecting ourselves from friends, loved ones, enemies, and sometimes even ourselves. Written in a page-turning and warm style, Claudia’s refreshing addition to the self-help shelves offers empowering solutions to effectively remind us to stop inviting troubleinto our homes and souls." -- MELODY BEATTIE, NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLING AUTHOR OF CODEPENDENT NO MORE


Roadmap To Holland

This is a video by my extraordinary friend, Jennifer Graf Groneberg. I recommend her book, her blog, and her website to anyone who loves see beauty, hear truth, and read the kind of writing they can't put down.


Angela said...

What a beautiful video and new website! Thanks for posting them, C. Also, thanks for the e-mail plug. I've got to get my blogs up to date and add some links - like Judith's! - brilliant. The 19th draws ever closer - I'm sure you can feel it. It's so exciting!

jennifergg said...

Claudia! This is so unexpected! I didn't know you were blogging again...and! With all that you have on your plate right now, that you would take the time to do this, well it just shows what a wonderful woman you are...


pvslayer said...

Angela: Isn't the video just right?
And as the 19th draws near I'm excited, scared, and just plain nuts.

Jen: Besides how much I love the video, I just love this picture of you and Avery.

Sepiru Chris said...

Hello PVS,

OxyJen put me onto your site, and I have recommended it to others.

I am really pleased to see new updates and wanted to thank you for your perspectives that you have shared... Thank you.


pvslayer said...

Wow. And thank you, Chris!! I've been writing to meet my deadline on my book and I have not had much time to spare, especially with the time I've spent on cancer in these past months, but it is so fun to write the blog and I actually have a small backlog of reader questions to get to (pretty cool, eh?). I went to your blog for a moment this morning and was then called away to finish getting my family out the door and went straight to work from there, but I can tell you this: what I did see of your blog made me swoon a little with jealousy. Did I get that right? That you're travelling all over the place all the time? I'll have to go back tonight before bed to read more. It looks wonderful.
And isn't Jen a peach? What a lovely combination of smart, kind, and funny she is.

thanks for stopping in and for commenting!


jjdebenedictis said...

*flaily-flail* You're back! Claudia, I'm so glad to see you again! How has the writing gone? How has your health been?

*waves to Chris also*

Paula and Skip said...

Amazing, thank you

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