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That Old Gang Of Mine

Dear Madame Slayer,

I've been a faithful reader now for, well, since the beginning, and lately I've noticed that there are several of us out here. I think we deserve a name. Geese come in a gaggle, wolves in a pack, cows in a herd. What would you call us, your PVS devotees?

Living in the Light, With the Nightlight on Just in Case

Darling Faithful,

Well this is a poser!

I remember one time I needed a name for a group of vampires, so I hollered down to my (then 7 year old) daughter, "Hey Maddie -- what would you call a bunch of vampires all together, like a herd of sheep?" Her answer? "A bleed of vampires."

I sure liked that.

That genius Joss Whedon (creator of TV series Buffy The Vampire Slayer) dubbed the Slayers-in-training on that show "Potentials," and it's hard for me to imagine a more perfect name for them than that...

In the case of people who read (or should I say "check," since I so rarely post anything new!) this blog, the best word I can think of for them is "Allies," since they provide such great support and friendship to me.





Aeshema the Fury said...

YAY! You're back! I think A Bleed of Vampires works well, although any of the strange animal-group names works too. Host, Murder, Conspiracy, Flight, any of those. Allies it is though? Then dub me a faithful ally as I fight the monster that nibbles on my wallet, leaking Nickles and Dimes on the to street to be lost forever in the sewers of simple impulse-driven consumerism. THAT is my vampire and it is an omnipresent, powerful foe.

*girds his loins with faith, truth, and a little jasmine (it smells nice) and ventures forth into the neon-lit night*


The Practical Vampire Slayer said...

See what I mean about allies? Thanks, Aeshema! And if you are seriously troubled by that vampire of yours, there is help, you know. On the other hand, most of us have plenty of vampires we're in no hurry to evict...at least I know I do.

jennifer said...

Oohh I really like "bleed" of slayers...could we be bleeders? Or we could be SITters (Slayers-In-Training), though that seems too passive...
Allies is a very peaceful, light-filled name, and if that is your wish, oh madame slayer, so be it...

Queue said...

I like Bleed if you dojn't use it i'll try to make Aeshema put it in his book - he is working on one I however am not allowed to read it. Stupid Hubbies who want you to read the whole thing!

The Practical Vampire Slayer said...

A Bleed of Slayers it is...or we are, I guess. Yes, I like it, too. Thanks for your vote!

And psst! Is his book fantasy or what? I left a message on his blog a last week asking but I don't think he answered. Your husband is really, really funny, though, so whatever he's writing we can be sure it will be hilarious. I loved his blog today about the pie tins and tuna cans -- that was beyond excellent.

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