"Biting Back takes a compelling look at self-care, setting boundaries, and protecting ourselves from friends, loved ones, enemies, and sometimes even ourselves. Written in a page-turning and warm style, Claudia’s refreshing addition to the self-help shelves offers empowering solutions to effectively remind us to stop inviting troubleinto our homes and souls." -- MELODY BEATTIE, NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLING AUTHOR OF CODEPENDENT NO MORE


If That's Not Nice, I Don't Know What Is

(In case that title doesn't ring a bell for you, it's a variation on something 
good old Vonnegut once suggested we do - described here, if you're interested.)

Two of the very nicest things that have ever happened to me in my life just happened this last September:  I'm talking about my book signings in Polson and Chicago because boy oh boy: nice is what they were!

That's my daughter Maddie (L)  with her pal Machaela Roberts
behind me.  Jackie Ladner (standing and talking with me)
saved my life later on when, during the presentation and well into the Q&A,
she noticed that I still hadn't mentioned the most important
aspect of the book (the vampire "invitation rule") and she posed a very
innocent-sounding question about its significance. Thank you, Jackie!!!!

First, in Polson:  Marilyn Maier, owner of Page by Page Books  put on one of the prettiest events I've ever seen in our great town, complete with champagne and sparkling cider, and held in her truly exquisite bookstore.
      Thanks to her ferocious publicity campaign and the kindness of all our friends, the signing drew a crowd of over 75 people.
     That's a LOT!

Many thanks to Marliyn, and many thanks to our excellent friends who came and made it all work.

To quote The Kinks:
"All of my friends were there...not just my friends,
but their best friends, too."


And then later that month in The Windy City...

My sister Julia sent this invitation out to a bunch of her friends and a few of mine who are still in that area, and then we all got together at the Union League Club for a warm and elegant early evening of perfect drinks and food (which I never got a chance to try until it was over since I never once stopped talking long enough to put it in my mouth) and really fun conversation and company.  Everyone was so kind and so interesting!
My mother Dorothy Nowicki, my brother Mike, niece Anne Nowicki and cousin Dot Spransy all came (I wish I had pictures to show you but those aren't in yet!)...and then, out of the blue (literally: he flew in)...my brother-in-law Bill Cunningham managed to bring my hair straight up to standing postion when we found him seated in the party room, waiting for us to arrive. 

It was all too excellent for words. 

Here are a few shots of the event - I apologize for the size: I can't figure out how to enlarge them without distorting them, and it really doesn't do the event justice. 

The sign says it's me
and that I'm going to
be there.

Entrees and Intros

Sister Julia, me, Brother Bill


As I say: it's one of the nicest things that have ever happened to me in my life - and one of the greatest memories I'm sure I'll ever have.

Thank you.